Below is a list of vendors who currently serve your community. In most cases, especially when it comes to landscaping, it is best to contact the Association office when in need of service. 

Blue stake is used as a fee service to locate and make utilities prior to digging in the area. Most of you have seen the painted lines on asphalt or on someones lot. This is usually an indication that digging is about to take place. This prevents the contractors from hitting a water, gas, electric, or cable line. To contact Blue Stake, please call 602-263-1100.


The main number for the City of Mesa is 480-644-2221. This would include water, trash, and gas service for residents in Red Mountain Ranch. All City services can be reached through this number.


All of you are aware that the Association has a "bulk-rate" contract with Cox Communications to provide cable to each home in Red Mountain Ranch. The Association receives a 40% discount on the street rate which is paid through your assessments. However, you may not know that there is a representative assigned to our community. His name is Brandon Dutchover and he should be called first whenever you are considering making a change to your service. In some cases Brandon can save you money by offering a "Bundle" package. Brandon's direct line is 602-694-1953.


DLC Resources is the landscape maintenance company for the Master Association. All of the common areas including the park and right of ways are maintained by DLC. They have people on-site five-days per week. To reach DLC, you should contact the Association office at 480-981-6480. That way your call can be documented and a work order can be issued and tracked to ensure completion. 


The postal station charged with the task of handling the general mail for Red Mountain Ranch is the Falcon Field station. You can reach them at 480-832-4197 of 480-854-3547.

 Klean-Rite is contracted to perform the landscaping duties in the Villages at Red Mountain Ranch. Their responsibilities include shrub pruning, mowing, watering schedule, aerating, and irrigation leak repairs. To reach Klean-Rite, you should contact the Association office at 480-981-6480. That way your call can be documented and a work order can be issued and tracked to ensure completion. 
Organitech is tasked with maintaining the two lakes at Red Mountain ranch. this includes things like chemical treatments, maintaining the ecosystem in the lakes, etc. Some of you may not know that we have quite an advanced ecosystem in the lakes. The lakes are stalked with fish that eat the growth on the top , swim the bottom and keep the lake clean and everything in between. You can reach Organitech through the Association office at:
We all know the national number for emergencies is 911. The non-emergency number for the Mesa Police Department is 480-641-2211.
These are some, but not all, of the Vendors that keep things moving here at red Mountain Ranch.

All of our vendors are licensed and insured to protect all of us from accidents, etc. occurring and to ease the concerns of a suit being brought against the Association. All of our vendors have workman's comp insurance.  

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