This Red Mountain Ranch Owners Association web-site is the only official web-site of the Red Mountain Ranch Owners Association. It is offered as a joint project by the Board of Directors for Red Mountain Ranch and Ohana Community Management Services, your management team. The Purpose of the web-site is to keep Red Mountain Ranch residents informed of what is taking place in the community. Whether it is upcoming meetings, minutes of recent Board meetings, etc., you will find it here first. If you have any suggestions for the site, please contact the management team by calling 480-981-6480. Be sure to log-in frequently and stay up-to-date with this exciting new tool for all of our residents! 

Community Bulletin

NOTICE:  As a reminder, all changes to the exterior of your home must be submitted
in advance and approved by the Modification Committee prior to work commencing.
This includes painting, landscaping, brick borders, etc.   If you are not sure how to
submit to the Committee please contact the Association office at 480/981-6480.

The Red Mountain Ranch Elementary Fun Run was co-sponsored by the Red Mountain Ranch Owners Association and Ohana Community Management Services. The Community's kids seemed to have enjoyed their new t-shirts. 

The Association covenants, rules and the law say that you are required to "pick-up" after your pet. And let's face it, not only is it law, but it's also the sign of a considerate pet owner and neighbor! Please be aware that failure to "pick up" after your pet could result in a monetary fine. 

Any resident wishing to file a complaint with the board may do so in writing. The complaint must include: the date and time of the incident, a description of the pet, a description of the homeowner, and the address of the owner to whom the pet belongs. Action can only be taken upon receipt of a written complaint detailing the above information. 

In addition, pet owners are reminded that they should walk their pets AWAY from neighbors homes, playground areas, and high traffic areas. In addition, pets MUST be on a leash when on Red Mountain Ranch 's property. It's not only an association rule, but it's also a county law. Keeping pets and the community safe by pets being on a leash is everyone's responsibility.

We love our pets, but we also love our community and want to keep it clean. We ask that all residents and their guests be responsible and considerate and help keep the community clean. 

The Country Club general manager has asked us to remind all homeowners that the golf course is private property and pets are not allowed to be walked on it. The golf course has posted signs which have twice been vandalized. Lets all be good neighbors!


This time of the year brings an increase in critters. The Board of Directors and Ohana Management want to remind everyone whether you are walking for exercise, for your pets exercise, or using the parks, please be on the lookout for snakes, insects, and other desert animals. If you encounter any desert wildlife, please call animal control at: 602-506-7384 to have them removed.

Events Calendar

Association Office

4710 E Falcon Dr. Suite 205
Mesa, AZ 85215

PHONE: 480-981-6480
After Hours Emergency: 480-352-9499
FAX: 480-480-2211

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